Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am happy to step in - note from Sue founder of the group.

Hi Ladies, some of you may not know me , my name is Sue and I started up quilting block swaps Australia in April 2010.  I also started up Christmas block swaps Australia and the lovely Crafty pugs took over running that for me as the main group got quite large.  (I also run 6 inch block swaps Australia).

As the group grew really fast and I was struggling to keep up so we capped the numbers at 50 and formed quilting block swaps Australia 2 which Alex offered to run.  I have not heard from Alex, but reading recent posts it seems that the group is suffering with her not being well.

I can manage to add new members from this group into group one so if you are interesting in jumping over send me an email  to and I will add you to this groups list.  I will send Alex an email shortly and let her know that I have done this, but as the founder I would rather have happy members than see the group suffer.

If you are interested in jumping over (either permanently or temporarily) I  will need to know your block choice (please give me 2 options where possible), colour choices, blog address if you have one and your snail mail posting address.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Mother group if you wish to transfer , and perhaps in time when Alex is up to it we can resume this group and you can hop back.

Quilted hugs, Sue xxx

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