Monday, November 7, 2011


Hi All, Since Alex has placed the last post she has decided to hand over the reins of this group to me (for now).

Alex has emailed me all of your block preferences and details of who swapped with who and when.  Its on a spread sheet that may take me awhile to work out but I will organise a swap for you this month - hopefully later this evening.  I will also send you out invites to be able to post blocks made and sent directly onto the blog.  Alex's spreadsheet does not have your blog details on it, so if you email them to me, I will get them all up as followed blogs so all of the existing members of group one can follow you too.

Rather than run two groups I will amalgamate this group into group one from December onwards so you will all get to meet lots of lovely new bloggy quilting ladies in the larger group one.

I cant say yet whether or not Alex will be back running group two or if this will be a permanent merger.
But what I can say is WELCOME TO GROUP ONE.  and thank you for your patience and support.

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