Saturday, November 5, 2011

Has this group died

Hi all
Just wondering since Alex is sick has this group died. I have had no partner for the last 2 months and therefore am feeling a little lost. I was really enjoying being part of this group but should I now go look for another block swap group
Sue Stubbings


  1. Hi Sue. I've been thinking the same thing. It is a shame but Alex needs to concentrate on her health right now... so I wonder if we could do anything to keep the group going? Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferences? Would love to hear from you all. E.

  2. hey guys,
    I am sad to hear that Alex is sick - sorry i have been out of the loop for a bit as i have been concentrating on finishing uni. However i am very happy to continue the group! Would love to help out where i can!

  3. Hope Alex is improving and wish her well soon.
    If i could get the lists i am happy to send the swaps out whilst Alex is on a break ???