Monday, April 25, 2011

Checking in...

Hi everyone

I know I've been a little absent and hard to reach. I apologise.  I've been sick for over 2 weeks and just found out it's whooping cough turning into pneumonia!

Please bear with me!  April blocks will be sent out in the next day or so (will let you know) and partners sent out before the end of the month.

I apologise once again but I really haven't been myself. :-(


  1. Heck! You take it easy an get well soon hun (((hug)))

  2. You should please rest and take it easy I am sure that no-one will worry about the lateness of anything under the circumstances, This is just lots of fun, get well soon, quilt hugs sue

  3. Poor Alex, you have been in the wars, rest up and get well soon, xx

  4. Thank you ladies for your kind words! They're much appreciated. It was my sister who first suggested I might have whooping cough when I asked her for a script for a cough suppressant. She and the gp I went to said they've both seen 20+ cases lately.

    I had no idea adults could get it since I was immunised but apparently immunity commonly wears off. It's not dangerous unless a small baby under 12 months gets it...or if you have a poor immune sysrtem or if you ignore it *lol*.

    It's just annoying because I can't even shout at DS so he can be as naughty as he likes! *lol* No he's a good kid.

    Thanks again!