Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alex's Swap Partners - please read!

I emailed you all last week to let you know your blocks are on the way and they far as I knew.

DH promised to post them but I found them tonight still in his briefcase!!

I'm so sorry.  He kept meaning to post them and didn't realise the urgency.  It's so unprofessional especially for a co-ordinator so the Australian blocks are going out in express envelopes first thing in the morning and I'll ask at the PO what my options are for the International blocks.

I'll be enclosing a little gift in each envelope.  I'm so sorry!  This is the last time I rely on DH to do my mailing.

April partners will go out tomorrow.  We'll have 3 new members which I'm finalizing.

Please email me with any questions or concerns.


  1. Alex just pop into the mailbox was planning.
    Otherwise it will be an expensive package.
    I can wait.

  2. No rush here either hun, send it normal post.

  3. Did I miss the partner send out? Didn't get an email yet?